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Building DOUBLE RIFLES on Shotgun Actions - Second Edition

By W. Ellis Brown

This book is written to take the gunsmith or advanced hobbyist step by step through the process of building a double rifle, using the action of a side-by-side shotgun. Chapters include evaluating actions and cartridges; building monoblocks; ribs; bushing firing pins; and proof testing. The author explains what regulation is and isn't, and offers his proven method of regulating double rifles so that both barrels shoot to the same point of impact. Brown details each step of the entire process, to end with a functional, well regulated double rifle.

HB, DJ, Large Format, 218 Pages with over 300 b/w photos, color photos, and diagrams.

• Pricing: $54.95 + $5.00 S&H. ($35.00 outside the USA)

• Colo Res add 3% sales tax ($1.65)

• For a signed copy, add $3.00

• Dealer Inquires Welcome •


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